Friday, January 8, 2010

Work On Wednesdays - How health care reform and jobs will still be interconnected

We need to give the older people in this country credit for having aquired some wisdom from their life experiences. We're not as stupid as some "progressive elites" would like to portray us. They (the Democrats) can buffalo the young people by saying this health care reform bill (it's really the health insurance industry reform bill) is a great thing. But if that's so, why did they have to provide sweetheart deals to some Democratic Senators who were hold outs? These senators were rightly concerned and worried about several aspects of this bill. But the bribes worked! The Dems ended up getting all the votes they needed....and as of now they'll be paying them off (by way of the special financial benefits their particular states will be getting) with YOUR taxpayer dollars!  How many of you are also aware of the fact that the government plans to be collecting revenue from taxpayers for this health care program for four years before they even offer to make this coverage available to the uninsured????

This is only the beginning of the increases in stealth taxation too (they'll be calling it something else), and common sense tells you there will be decreases in services. Think about it....if you add millions more to the government run insurance plan, one way by making it easier to qualify for Medicaid, and also planning to subsidize their premiums with YOUR taxpayer money (income redistribution), all while knowing there will be a predicted shortage of doctors and nurses....what should happen? Well let's see, MORE patients - LESS medical professionals, should equate to MORE waiting and rationing of services - and the government wants to pay the doctors and hospitals LESS too.

If some are against this, I guess you will be called selfish....but aren't we just looking at it from that crazy point of view called common sense? Also, is there anywhere in the Constitution where it states health care is a right that should be provided to everyone by the government? I believe it's no more of a right than home ownership is. You saw what kind of financial trouble we got into from the government's interference in the mortgage market. Oh, they'll say it was the fault of all those bad bankers and bad firms on Wall St. for that mess.  They say it's those bad health insurance companies too who are at fault for health care costs being out of control. Partially, yes....totally, no. I believe we can all agree some constructive reform is needed....but government control, no. That's what this health care bill is really all about. It's not about health's about control and yes, the possibility of the loss of some of your liberties. Many believe if this bill is signed by the president, it will open the door to even more government involvement in your lives.

Encouraging sensible, healthy lifestyles is a good thing.  But could you envision eventually being dependent on whether or not some government bureaucrat deems you "unfit" for medical coverage (yes, a denial) because  you're eating unhealthy foods and you're overweight, or if you drink, smoke, misuse drugs, have unsafe sex, or if you are sending or reading text messages while driving?!  Granted, these are all things to be discouraged and are often the cause of rising medicals costs due to increased health problems or accidents.  But if you didn't want your parents, or your doctor, or your wife nagging you about such bad would you like the government telling you what to do....or else?!  Well, actually the government can actually give you some fines or even jail time for some of the above mentioned infractions already!

They say insurance companies will not be able to deny you coverage anymore, especially if you have a pre-existing condition. Well which insurer had the largest amount of denials??? The government run entity called MEDICARE! The liberal progressives make fun of conservatives who talk about "death panels".....well why then does the government want to form a group of bureaucrats to make health care decisions (potentially denials) for you? I can't remember the actual name of this "advisory panel", but I believe  it is stated in at least the House version of the bill. And we're not just talking about end of life counseling. We're talking about whether you will be considered "worthy" of extended healthcare, depending on your age, or if you qualify as being what the government feels is a "productive" citizen. It's just their way of cutting costs! It's not a joke. It is true!
Read more about that by clicking on the link below (or copy and paste it into your address bar)

They say the AMA (American Medical Association) is supporting this. Well did you know the AMA represents only 29 percent of licensed U.S. doctors, according to the AMA's own figures. They say AARP is supporting this bill. There's a good reason why. They have a sweetheart deal with the government too. Needless to say, I dropped my AARP membership awhile back. Everyone involved with promoting this huge government take over is benefitting from it one way or another. Don't kid yourselves into thinking this is all being done just to benefit the uninsured. There are unbelievable deals being made behind closed doors. We have yet to know the full scope of what this "fundamental transformation" is really all about.

The unions that helped get Obama elected are crying foul now because the Democrats are wanting to tax their "Cadillac" health insurance plans, which were negotiated by their unions, by 40%! Well, they gotta pay for this somehow! Share the wealth! Yeah! We're all for that....until it hits you in your own pocket! The union workers will probably end up getting another one of those special deals, in order to keep that wing of the party happy. But then who will be taxed next? I would venture to say the amount of "rich" people is dwindling in this sour economy and businesses are hurting too, which translates into less tax revenue for the government. We've lost 33% of our manufacturing base. Just try to buy something made in America.

If our economy doesn't improve, this could skew those projected CBO (Congressional Budget Office) numbers that they claim will pay for this new health care reform. They were counting on projected revenue that is questionable, considering the circumstances. This health care bill could be a recipe for disaster, if the economy doesn't improve soon. They should work on getting the economy and jobs back on track first, before they tax and spend us into oblivion.

I had to give you all this information before you view this youtube video. It is done in a humorous way, but it explains how many Americans are feeling right now.

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