Saturday, January 9, 2010

Family & Friends On Fridays - Starting Off the New Year

The top searches according to Google today were:

1. e-file (for electronic filing of income taxes, I assume)

2.  Elvis Presley (today was his birthday and he would have been 75)

3.  Weight loss  (pounds added on over the holidays is a concern, I'm sure)

A few days back, the top three searches were NFL play offs, Clearance and Resolutions.  Seeing what the top searches are is a pretty good way to keep tabs on the pulse of the nation.  These all make sense and since I hope to make this blog relevant to what's going on in people's lives, I like to monitor those top Google searches.

So, concerns about paying taxes, remembering the loss of a special person like Elvis (my own father's 7th anniversary of his death was yesterday, Jan. 7th), and working on those New Year's resolutions, like losing weight, are priorities right now.  Some are still trying to get in on any other big clearance sales too.  So these kinds of things are on the minds of many people this week.  Of course, the one thing the guys mainly wanted to know about was the pro football playoffs.  No big surprise there! 

I'd like to also add there are many concerned about the cold snap we've had, and they're also worried about their jobs (or lack thereof) and the economy.  Another priority is trying to stay safe in this troubling and crazy world of extremist ideologues who believe their main goal is to kill the infidels, throw us into more fearful chaos (dare I type the word terror?) and bring us to the brink of financial ruin because we feel the need to buy even more body scanners for our airports, and send more troops overseas.  If our own government doesn't bankrupt us, the jihadists will be happy to!

But on a much more positive and hopeful note, I'd like to take this time to wish everyone good health and prosperity, despite all that is working against us.  No one said life would be easy....but it's still worth it. 

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