Sunday, January 3, 2010

Family & Friends On Fridays - New Year's Resolutions

How many New Year's resolutions are broken?  Probably quite a few.  But each new year does give us an opportunity to review, renew and resolve to meet those goals.  My wish for all my Christian friends and family, including myself, is that we pause to take a fresh look at the possibility of becoming closer to God, and thus realize the rewards that will come our way by doing so.  This is the leap of faith. 

We know that the Bible tells us that all our gifts and talents are God given, and He's entrusted them to us.  We should then commit ourselves to make good use of those gifts and multiply them.  As stewards, we must do what we can to use those gifts wisely, in a way that is pleasing to God.  Much more goodness and kindness to one another is sorely needed.  They say "you get what you give", so we need to "spread the love", in order to get some back.  Love has to overcome evil, in order for this world to be a better place.  But....

There is so much evil in the world.  We should know that evil is the absense of God's love.  Evil (and idle hands) are the devil's workshop.  We have to resist all the temptation that's out there that will corrupt our hearts and minds, and then work to win over everyone to the goodness of God's love.  It can be done.  It isn't going to be easy, but nothing in life worth fighting for is. 

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