Friday, January 1, 2010

Trivia On Thursdays - The Good & the Bad

I think the internet is a wonderful tool and opens up so many doors, whether it be for researching things, reading about current and past events, and allowing people around the world to be in touch.  These are all good things. 
However, I heard a statistic on a recent survey where it showed that 20% of recent divorces cited their spouses use of Facebook as the reason for the split.  I assume some people found old flames, past loves or crushes and they took it a little too far, if you know what I mean!  Also, there are people that use the internet to search for pornography and go to other unsavory sites. 
Another upsetting thing I heard is that the same Muslim cleric in Yemen who Maj. Hasan (from the Ft. Hood tradgedy) had been corresponding with via e-mail, was supposedly also involved with influencing the young "pants on fire" Nigerian's bombing attempt on Flight 253 on Christmas Day.  So the internet is being used as a recruitment tool for extremists and this cleric (or whatever you want to call him) has 5,000 followers on his Facebook page!  He is being allowed to spread his hateful and radical ideology to anyone inclined to believe such things, including some who seem to be vulnerable, lonely and impressionable people.  Not good!
So, these are some of the good and bad things about the internet.  We should encourage people to use this wonderful technology in a responsible that is not destructive to their own lives, the lives of others, and their families all over the world!

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