Saturday, January 9, 2010

Truth On Thursdays - They Are Really Little Human Beings

I saw a comment on another blog which said, 'Babies are pro-choice....they choose to live!' 

I realize this is simplfying the sometimes complicated situation of an unwanted pregnancy.  But maybe we should personify the fetus and think about whether or not they should have a choice in the decision of whether or not they get to live.  The mother may be very young herself, where the father does not want to help, or there are financial problems.  If you don't have a good network of family or friends to help, an unexpected pregnancy could be a very 'inconvenient' and life changing situation. 

But the reality of the actual horror of the abortion procedure is appalling, especially if you have one that is guided by ultrasound, where you can actually see the fetus is a very real little human being.  I've heard stories of attendants helping the abortionist who could see on the ultrasound that the fetus was fighting for it's life trying to get away from that probe that wants to tear it to pieces and suck it out of it's very warm and cozy place in the womb.  Sorry for being so graphic, but this is the reality. 

So I hope these women  who are contemplating abortion try to reach out and find someone to talk to that could provide some guidance and support, before they make any decisions.....because their own life should not be the only one they should be concerned about.  There is a new life that's wanting to realize his or her own potential too.

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