Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sign of the Times

The following is a sign seen in front of a local church.

We have two choices.  We can either....

A.   Follow the herd
B.   Follow the Shepherd

I love this one because it is so true.  It's very tough today, and takes a lot of courage, to go against popular culture and stand up and speak out on your  beliefs.  You may very well be viewed as being politically incorrect.  You can be accused of not being a compassionate person if you don't go along with all kinds of perceived "inequalities", such as same sex marriage.  Our liberal culture is pressuring us to give the LGBT community their rights, yet does not expect us to acknowledge the rights of other human beings, such as the fetus.  Those who truly are the most innocent and blameless ones among us are victimized by the abortion holocaust, yet the criminals in our American society are given the presumption of innocence and a rigorous defense (which is paid for by the taxpayers if they can't afford it themselves). 

Also, here's a little more food for thought.  Just compare the recent stories in the news of Jaycee Dugard and Casey Anthony and the difference in their attitudes toward their offspring.  Jaycee, who was kidnapped at age 11, held hostage and repeatedly raped for 18 years, gave birth to two children by her captor/rapist during that time.  Despite all that, she lovingly took care of those children, and did not resent them for her difficult situation. 

Casey, on the other hand, had been free to go about and live her life.  She seemingly used that time to enjoy herself and voluntarily be promiscuous.  She did not even have the inclination or desire to report her own child (from an admitted one night stand)  had been missing for 31 days.  She then lied to her family and the police repeatedly when they tried to help find her daughter.  She reportedly told Equisearch it was a "waste of time" to look for Caylee, all while falsely claiming she believed she was still alive at the time.  Why wasn't this brought up at the trial?  Motive and evidence appeared to be there, yet a jury could not seem to connect the dots.  The jury was either confused and/or duped by the defense's argument of what is considered 'beyond a reasonable doubt'.  Or maybe the jury just had more of a conscience about the possibility of inflicting a death penalty on Casey.  Too bad they didn't seem to observe or take into account Casey's apparent lack of a guilty conscience and grief over her daughter's death, no matter how it happened.  Also, why did Casey have a panic attack when she was told Caylee's body was found?  Why wasn't this brought up at the trial either?  What's wrong with this picture?  What's wrong with our culture?  What's wrong with our system?