Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tips On Tuesdays - For the peace-loving Muslims

My tip for the peace-loving Muslims is....if you don't want to be profiled in airports, and you don't want your Islamic faith being distorted and defiled by the radical extremists, then you need to "step up to the plate" as we say in this country.  We need your voices to convince your fellow Muslims who call for jihad, that they need to stop this madness.  What they are doing is not advancing their cause, it's only bringing more destruction upon innocent people on both sides. Their attacks are ruining the reputation of Muslims in the worldwide community.  I hope and pray you can help make a difference, God willing, by doing whatever you can to convince and persuade the radical factions of your faith that jihad is not the way to achieve their goals.  I call upon you to stand up and show the world that Islam is a peace-loving religion.....and I truly believe a peaceful coexistence and respect for one another is what most everyone in the whole world really wants to have, no matter what religion you are.  I believe even the athiests can agree they want this too! 

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