Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Money On Mondays - Priceless memories

I sent this e-mail to my grown and now married children and other family members as a reply to one sent out about a particular lost loved one.  It reminded all of us of a memory, in which we all shared.  It was about a favorite Christmas song that had been a favorite of this special person and her fun-loving antics while singing it.  To me, these are the priceless memories that money can't buy.  I wrote them back saying....   

Of course, we may also remember during Christmases past, the yearning for certain special gifts we hoped for, and the exhilaration we felt when we ended up receiving it under the tree on Christmas morning. But when you think about it in retrospect, was it the actual toy itself, or how it made us feel, that is really remembered?  Wasn't it all about the special feelings of anticipation, excitement and joy?

And even if it might look a little sparse under the Christmas tree this year for many families who are struggling with finances, you can still make it fun by listening to and singing Christmas music and watching the old Christmas movie classics....while enjoying each other's company. It's all in your attitude of giving and sharing....even if it's only a gift of your time, and not just about the number of presents under the tree.

And isn't it true that the older we get (when we become Mr. & Mrs. Santa) we start to realize that it's not just about the material things. All of the clothes and toys we received as kids were eventually lost, broken, resold, thrown out, or given away, but the memories of the fun times we had with family and friends will always remain in our hearts, and in our memories. That's the true meaning of the season.

And why is it, when Christmas is about the celebration of the Christ Child's birth, everyone gives presents to themselves and each other, instead of Him?  How can we give Him a gift, you ask? Maybe it could be accomplished by just changing and improving our actions towards others.  He did say He came for "Peace on earth, goodwill towards men" and He also said "Whatsoever you do to the least of My brothers, that you do unto Me."  So indirectly, by doing good towards others, it is a gift for Him.  He was the ultimate in unselfishness and sacrifice. He lived His life as a humble servant instead of a proud king. That's the message I hope you can pass down to your children....along with many "feel good" memories of giving and sharing too!

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