Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Work On Wednesdays - Salute To Our Vets

I can't start without first acknowledging our veterans today.  I would like to thank all those who are currently serving in our military too and the work they do on our behalf.  I hope they all know we are grateful for all of their service, past and present.  But there are those in this country who disagree with our foreign policy and like to portray us as unwanted occupiers.  But most of us know, if it wasn't for the sacrifices of our military, these countries would continue to be under seige by oppressors, and those unstable governments are fertile grounds for being overrun and abused by, shall I say "undesirables".  I'm being sarcastically politically correct by calling them that!   

On the homefront, we have to believe the economy will improve, but there's a point where wishing and hoping won't necessarily make it happen. I believe the government and the banks have to create a better climate for businesses to flourish where owners feel comfortable enough to be able to expand and hire more workers. They need access to loans and less, not more taxation from the government. Their priority should be reviving the job market right now, in my opinion. Everything else will fall into place once that gets back on track. I've also got two sons out of work and one is married with two small children. We do what we can to help them. But this is why I'm so interested with what's happening in Washington DC. Their votes will impact our future, along with our children's and grandchildren's futures as well.

I would love to see some relief for those who fall between the cracks (those who earn too much to be on Medicaid, but don't have any employer based healthcare coverage either). No doubt, we need to reform our healthcare system, but if only they could do it without bankrupting the whole country in the process, since they are trying to push this legislation through when we are already in a recession. I also do not want to see, (what I believe to be true, but they say no), is our government dismantling another huge segment of the private sector (those awful insurance companies the liberals love to hate, but I'm sure those companies pay plenty of taxes, which our government coffers desperately need right now!). Plus, we owe China too much already. 

So let's encourage our political leaders to do a gut check and focus on what should be their priority.

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