Sunday, November 29, 2009

Satire On Saturdays - Sen. Harry Reid's quote

After getting the 60 votes needed to keep the healthcare
bill 'alive', which included some 'pork' to sweeten the deal
for Sen. Mary Landrieu's vote, (which some are describing
as the 'Louisiana purchase'), Sen. Harry Reid held a press
conference and stated....

"Our plan saves lives, saves money and saves Medicare,"
said Reid.

Is he serious?!  I don't really know how he could say that
with a straight face!  Oh, I forgot....he's a politician!  They'll
promise you anything you want to hear.  With all the predictions
we've heard of rationing, all you have to do is look at last week's
announcement of the suggested changes to the mammogram
guidelines, as a perfect example.  This came from the government
'panel' appointed by Kathleen Sebelius of Health and Human
Services, and in my opinion is a hint of some of the many cut
backs to come, if this bill passes.  But then there was the ensuing
uproar from women who depend on these tests to SAVE THEIR
LIVES.  But that's why the government 'panel' has to make these
cut order to SAVE THE MONEY!  Look, there's no
way I can see how they can do it all, and have it all and save
money too.  It doesn't add up.   

Then there's the 500 billion dollars in cuts to Medicare, which
they've stated will help pay for this bill.  I guess Harry Reid thinks
he'll be 'saving Medicare' by cutting out 500 billion dollars worth
of 'waste and fraud'.  Yeah right, if you believe that, I've got
some swamp land in Florida to sell ya! 

You must remember, our government DOES NOT HAVE THE
MONEY for this!  They are borrowing and printing money as
we speak.  I would like to suggest that all of the Democrats in
Congress who voted for this bill, go to MANDATORY credit

They can have all the good intentions in the world, but if it will
put our fragile economy in another downward tailspin, like the
mortgage meltdown did, then we can't, or shouldn't do it.  And
the government can't just blame it on the banks and Wall St. 
Many know it was those 'well intentioned' Democratic policies
that started it all.  Pushing for more radical and risky changes,
was not the MANDATE they think they have.  The 'yes we can'
is coming from the ones who are deluding themselves.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you would have a better chance of "selling" that swampland to Harry Reid if it was located in Louisiana! Arf