Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tips On Tuesdays - A Tip for Adam Lambert

Normally, I try to find some helpful tips to post that can benefit everyone.  But today, I couldn't resist commenting on one particular person and giving him a tip.

I did not personally watch the American Music Awards show.  But since I am a news junkie, I couldn't help but notice the reporting done on the reaction to the Adam Lambert performance on the show.  For those not familiar with him, he is an openly gay singer, who became famous from being on American Idol. 

The news clips showed parts of his performance, which included (as copied from an MTV.com article).....
'dragging a female dancer around by the ankles, pushing a male dancer's head into his crotch and simulating oral sex, walking a pair of male (dancers crawling on their knees) hoofers around like dogs on a leash, and furiously thrusting his hips at every opportunity, Lambert took a moment mid-song to fervently make out with (an allegedly straight) male keyboard player. After the jaw-dropping performance, Lambert told CNN that the forceful smooch was "in the moment" and was not a planned part of his routine.'

I was also relieved and delighted to see on this MTV website a fan poll, along with some reactions, which were predominatly negative.  In the polling, 78% said they weren't "feeling it".  Thank God that a vast majority of our youth was turned off.  I guess there's still hope that many are not onboard with this 'in your face' type of promotion of homosexual and S&M type of behavior.

So my tip to Adam Lambert is....whatever God given talent you may have, you're not using it in the right way, according to the reaction of your fans!  You might want to rethink how you're going about reaching fame and fortune.

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