Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Work On Wednesdays - Saving American Companies and Jobs

I recommend buying Nordicware if you need some new cookware!
I know many women have been trying to be more aware by checking labels, when they're shopping for goods, to see where the product is made. It is obvious that many items are made overseas in places like China now.
You have to watch the labels because there are products assembled here in the USA, so it will display an American flag with the 'Made in USA' text on the label, but it is owned by a foreign company. I understand the newer Pyrex bakeware is made here in the US but the glass they're using is not as's weaker than the glass of old, and there have been reports of more frequent breakage because of that. The point is, even though the label will say it's American made on this new Pyrex, if you look closely, it will also say World Kitchen, which is Chinese owned. I just recently got an email about how we should be watching out for Corningware and Pyrex bakeware, which I plan to forward to my people. (I haven't figured out how, or if I'll be able to cut and paste emails to this blog). I had been pleased with myself for doing my microwaving with glass instead of plastic because of all the negative stuff I was hearing about plastic having some chemical leakage that could be absorbed into your food when it's heated. Now I have to check all my glass bakeware too! I did check out some new Pyrex at Kohl's and it did in fact say, American Made, but it also said by World Kitchen. Can we assume Pyrex or Corningware are not American owned companies anymore?
Some other products that come to mind are the many automobiles, such as Toyota, Nissan, Honda, etc., assembled here, but foreign owned. It's also hard to find clothing and other household goods made in the USA now too. Let me say, I'm not against importing and exporting. But there has to be a balance, don't you think?
So, I was pleasantly surprised when I found some cookware that is made here AND by an AMERICAN OWNED company. It is Nordicware, and your big box stores like KMart and WalMart carry it. I've even found Nordicware on Ebay. In one of their item descriptions it said they are owned AND manufactured here in the US. I bought their teflon coated pans, which luckily were on sale at KMart this week. You would be hard pressed to find any other cookware made here in the US. A quick check found that all of your top of the line cookware is made in either China or Thailand. So I hope my purchase will help to keep that factory of American workers open and will not have their jobs shipped overseas for cheaper labor.

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