Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Daily Format

Instead of just posting stuff willy nilly, or helter skelter (oh my!) with anything that comes to mind, I think I will try to follow some structure. So I've come up with some daily guidelines in order to refine my focus. That way any people reading this will know what to expect on a certain day. Now I might skip some days here and there depending on what's going on in my life on that particular day. But I will, once again, try to make it FYI....(For Your Information) and also Fun, Young at heart and Interesting! I hope to post a lot of tidbits that can be useful and might help you in your daily lives.
So the topic of the day, as of now, will be....

Scripture on Sundays, Money on Mondays, Tips on Tuesdays, Work on Wednesdays, Trivia on Thursdays, Family & Friends on Fridays, and Satire on Saturdays.
Of course, all of this will be subject to revision at a later date, as I deem necessary. All of you should be able to see I like to have fun with words and letters. They tell those of advancing age that we should keep our minds active. So hopefully this site will keep me sharp, and you enlightened. It will be glimpses into the future (hyperopic = far sighted), by someone (me) who I would like to think has something to offer by way of common sense, along with some life experiences that I can draw upon.

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