Friday, October 9, 2009

A Cynic's Point Of View

I had to share a story I heard from a caller in to Rush Limbaugh's "open mic Fridays" radio show today.
Now to the liberals....please don't say "ugh!" when you hear Rush's name. There are many people in this country who do identify with some, if not all, of what he has to say.
To give you a little background first, Rush announced he's just accepted an offer to be one of the judges for the next Miss America contest. However, he's aware of the fact that the show has now added a "green" element to it. Rush is somewhat apprehensive about this new part of it, to say the least. I don't know the details, but I will assume the contestants may now be required to show something like how they are doing their part to be "green". Now many of us, along with Rush, are skeptics of this whole green thing, along with global warming. This term, by the way, is now being referred to as "climate change" because even the progressives realize Mother Earth does not seem to be cooperating with this warming theory recently! The current forecast is that the upper Midwest of this country is expected to receive their earliest snowfall. We also know we've had one of the coolest summers on record also. This could be in part, because of the track the jet stream has been taking, which is a little different than the usual norm, along with the El Nino effect, too. Whenever we try to predict Mother Nature, she seems to throw us off. Ask any weatherman! She's not listening to us and I believe the climate has a God-given mind of it's own, if you will. So instead of listening to man made theories about how we humans are responsible for the climate situation on our planet, and subsequently lecturing us on how we should be using those energy efficient, but Chinese made, and dangerously mercury filled light bulbs, and driving hybrid cars, I believe we still have the freedom to make those kinds of decisions ourselves. Rush cynically stated that he also believes the only "green" jobs of the future will still be lawn mowing and landscaping. Hah!
My view on energy is that this new "green" technology is still in it's very early stages. Also, by our current government's actions, either knowingly or unknowingly (I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt), is putting a potential stranglehold on entrepreneurship and taking away the initiative for innovators and investors to go out on a limb. But I also understand there are some big companies waiting in the wings to receive some substantial government handouts, such as General Electric and some company that Al Gore owns, if this cap and trade bill eventually passes. But I digress.... I'll just say many people are unsure of the direction this new "green" technology is going to take. There are so many unknowns with what's going to happen. There's also the very real possibility of additional taxation and healthcare mandates....expenditures our current business owners will more than likely incur in the future.
So back to the caller....this fellow calls in to Rush's show and tells him the Citibank branch he goes to that's in, I believe he said Miami, now has designated parking spots for people driving hybrid vehicles! They are now giving priority parking spaces to them, just like they do for the handicapped. Hmmmm. The caller said he parks in those preferred spots with his Hummer! Yes! But if my memory serves me right, he also said it was indeed, a HYBRID Hummer, so if that's the case, he would indeed qualify. But I wasn't sure if I had heard him correctly on that, so I then googled Hummer to see if they are even making a hybrid model. I found this website you can go to in order to verify and see, in fact, that they are, but just by modifying the current model they have.
But this priority parking idea just seems to be another way the progressive thinking people and/or the companies they work for, want to sway public opinion over to their point of view. This just makes me want to rethink what businesses and credit card companies I will, or will not, choose to patronize....and by doing so, it may give my one small voice a chance to be heard....along with creating this new blog!

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