Thursday, December 30, 2010

Old Love Letters - Chap. 4

July 14, 1945

Dearest Marge,

So I've had my first letter from you and sure enjoyed it.  Of course, you would have to go back to work, we all do, but vacations are nice, till they end.  And being in Chicago was a vacation for me and meeting you was the nicest thing that could have happened to me.
But I'm back in the old groove again and sure feel good for I'm flying again and is sure feels good to be in the air again.  You spoke of me gaining weight and I have, for my exam last week I weighed 162 lbs and was sure supervised, for when I left here for Chicago I only weighed 154 lbs, so that's doing pretty good.  And I know that you have brought me good luck for I would never have made the grade, except for you.  Of course, I enjoy doing my work and as we have all the new stuff to work with, it is really a pleasure.  I would volunteer for overseas service again if I thought I could get to go, but I know they wouldn't let me, for they say I'm doing more important work here.  I hope you don't mind me telling you about the things I do, but I do believe that I help a little in my small capacity and am rather proud that I can still do something.
Two months ago I thought I was all washed up and would be driving a truck for the duration, but then I met you and I've sure had good luck ever since.
I'm sorry to hear that your brother has to go overseas again.  I wish that I could take his place.  And my brother Donnie is doing fine in Denver and Mother is staying with him.  She says he is very cheerful, although was a lot worse than they let her know.  He must have been pretty bad, for they flew him back from the Netherland Dutch East Indies and really rushed him home.  Mother says he will be home in six weeks or two months and I'm sure glad.  Although he will never take an active part in the ranch again, it will sure be good to have him at home.
Darling, I hope you don't mind me telling you all about my folks, and if you do, just let me know and I will find something else to say.  Just as long as you will let me write you.
I sit around in the evenings and study and when I get tired of that I like to write letters, and even if they don't make good sense, sometimes it helps pass the time away.  I'm studying quite a bit and trying to improve my use of the king's english, but think it is sort of hopeless because I've lived on a ranch all of my life and missed most of my schooling.  So if I make a mistake now and then, I hope you will overlook them and know that I mean well.
Do you remember me telling you about Wanda, the girl I was almost engaged to?  I had a letter, or rather a note from her today, and she has married a marine from California.  I thought she would when I was at home the last time, but didn't say anything for I never like to borrow trouble.  So that is really a load off my mind.  At least I feel better now for I sometimes wondered if she was the right person, and now I know she wasn't, but I know who the right one is, if I can only find some way of telling her.  Of course, she doesn't know me very well, but I'm hoping to see her again soon, and maybe she can help me a little.  I hope so.  
But now it is getting late and I want to get up early in the morning and go to church, and I think it will be the Catholic services, for we have a wonderful chaplain there and I seem to get more from his messages than I do from the Protestant services here.
So my Dear, I hope I haven't bored you with my long letter and I do hope you write soon.  And please don't say good bye in your next letter, just....

Adios My Dear,

July 19, 1945

Dearest Marge,

I've just got back from a nice trip and although I'm sort of tired, I'm feeling fine and happy.  I've been to Denver, Colorado and got to spend all day with Mother and brother Donnie.  The way it happened, I was talking to Col. Jordan, our pilot on the ship I'm assigned to, and told him about Donnie and he asked why I didn't go see him.  Well I told him why, and then forgot about it, but then he called me to the line (?) on Monday morning at 3a.m. and told me to check the ship for a cross country trip and have it ready by 5a.m.  I never gave it a thought and was ready on time and took off at 5:30a.m.  Everything went well and we landed in Denver at 4:40p.m. that evening and he said, "If you're going to see that brother of yours, you had better go and I don't want to see you till Wednesday morning at eight, so scat".  Boy, it didn't take me long to scat either.   I called Mother at the hotel and grabbed a cab and went to the hotel and then to the hospital.  Was I ever glad to see them.  We sure had a good visit, even if I didn't have any clothes with me.  Just my coveralls and not even a razor to shave with.
But enough about me.  What about you?  What are you doing now?  I've not had another letter from you and I'm just a little disappointed.  And how is Chicago?  I sure would like to be there and see you.  Maybe we could walk in the park again.  Quein Sabe?
Have you heard from your brother again?  I do hope he is O.K. and doesn't have to stay over there very long.
I've been hoping I would hear from you and that you would enclose a snapshot or small picture of you so that I might carry it in my billfold, and have something more to remind me of you than just the memories of walking through the park and talking to you.  Or maybe you think that I am asking too much.  Am I?  If I am, I'm sorry, but I think of you so much and wonder why I couldn't have met you long ago and have known you a lot better than just those few hours we spent together.  
I had a good talk with Mother about you and she thinks it would be fine if you could visit us this fall.  And she also told me about some other things that happened at home while I was away, so now I'm completely free and have no ties, except for the family and the ranch.
This is what I'm trying to say, and I know that it is not the way to say it, but in the few hours we were together, I learned to love you.  I wanted to tell you when I called you that last day, but was afraid, for I know it was much too soon, as it is now, and I'm using very poor taste to tell you in this way.  But my Darling, I can't wait any longer to tell you and I hope you don't mind too much, the crude way I've said I love you.  It seems that it has always been you that I've looked for and dreamed of, and as soon as I saw you, and while sitting on the steps that afternoon, I wanted to tell you.  I don't know what you will say, but I'm just going to hope for the right thing to happen.  If there is any way that I can see you in the near future, I'm going to get up there and see you, if you will let me.  And Darling, as little as I have to offer, I love you and hope you will let me see or hear from you soon.  With my hopes in the sky and you, I love you.


P.S.  Write as soon as you can   

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