Sunday, October 24, 2010

Translating political speak - "Transforming America"

Pres. Obama said during his 2008 presidential campaign that "we live in the greatest country in the, help me transform it".  Hope And Change! Yes We Can!


The transformation we've seen over the last couple of years involved the rare steps that were taken in the form of government intervention in order to save our economy, which included monetary bailouts of private companies, and stimulus money used in an attempt to save or create jobs, and jump start the economy. Included in with all of this was the largest expansion of, and/or creation of more new government regulations and programs, such as healthcare reform.

Liberal/progressives see all this as a good thing. But these moves are also seen by many others, as a government take over of the banking, auto and healthcare industries. These are major changes to our country, and are quite opposite of how capitalism is supposed to work. Letting companies be allowed to either succeed or fail, weeds out the bad and allows the best to survive. The market is allowed to self-adjust, even bottom out as needed in order to reset itself. Capitalism is NOT a one size fits all, equally distributive "social justice" notion, where your personal investment of time, expense, experience and effort doesn't matter. It does! It fosters the best and brightest of ideas and innovation that are successful....and the fittest survive. Capitalism is a "game" of winners and losers. Even if you're one of the losers, you still have the chance to try again. This is unlike Marxist/socialism. That is the type of "game" that provides everyone with a trophy, no matter if, or how they performed. Sooner or later, however, they will eventually run out of trophies to give out, because there are no wealth producers left in the game anymore to pay for all those trophies. Capitalism, may seem unfair to some, but there's no dispute that this economic system has provided so many individuals the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty....or even the middle class!

The passage of healthcare reform will impact 1/6th of our nation's economy. Also, claims were made that more departments would be needed to service and enforce these new programs. The proponents of this plan claim it would be "deficit neutral" because paying for these costly programs would be accomplished by bleeding the taxpayers dry, taking it mainly from those "rich fat cats". They've not been shy about stating their distaste for them. But isn't this what makes America exceptional? That is, that an average person, given the right circumstances and effort, can have the ability to reach true wealth and prosperity here. Liberals and progressives seem to want to punish those that have become successful in reaching those dreams. They incite class warfare and envy. We were warned back in 2008 of their "Spread the wealth around" mentality. Not all of us listened, or seemed to care about what this "transformational change" really meant. "Yes We Can" take from the successful risk takers, and give it to the less fortunate. Sounds noble, but isn't that what charities are for? No, they want the government to mandate burdensome taxation on the achievers, in order to create more costly government entitlement programs. Thus, their well-deserved nickname "Tax and Spend" Democrats.

They also claim they want to improve the economy and create jobs, but wouldn't their ideology actually hurt the true job creators? Doesn't their government "help" just result in more people becoming dependent on the government? Isn't being self-reliant and having the ability to provide for yourself and your family, give you more control and satisfaction? Many do not want to be "transformed" into a country that is dependent on government hand outs AND bureaucrats who have control over how it's spread around. Some will argue, people are happy with their Social Security and Medicare benefits. The difference is, these people paid into these programs with their own hard-earned money. It was not given to them, at the expense of others.

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