Monday, October 25, 2010

Translating political speak - Is the War On Terror the main cause of our debt?


Sure, and the Republicans were in charge when that devastating day of  Sept. 11th happened. However, this was not the first time our country's people and interests around the world had been attacked by radical Islamic jihadists (is that specific enough?).  We all know there are some moderate Muslims. 

When Pres. Clinton was serving back in the '90's, he had a weak response in dealing with this threat when Al Qaeda bombed the World Trade Center for the first time in '93, not to mention the other U.S. embassy bombings around the world, and the U.S.S. Cole attack in Yemen, just to name a few. So Pres. Bush ended up going on offense after 9/11 with the subsequent war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan, by taking the fight to them. Debate will continue as to whether or not this policy was a good idea or not.  Time will tell. 

No doubt, this has been a huge cost in blood and treasure, but those servicemen and women who did pay the ultimate price for protecting us, need not to have died in vain.  How can you put a price tag on our own national security?  Taking the fight to them on their turf, routing out the bad guys and advancing freedom around the world, comes at a huge cost.  Many believe it is a necessary expense, for our own safety and security.  Some have a different opinion on this and have said our presence over there just increases Muslim anger towards us and helps them recruit even more radicals.  However, others believe a "cut and run" strategy, or giving them a timetable for our departure makes us look weak.  We've invested this much so far, so why not plan to finish the job?  If we call it quits, will that improve our safety?  Will it change our image?  Will the rest of the world, and even the radical's opinion of us improve once we leave?  Don't we have to make them realize their murderous actions against us will not stand?  Our cause is righteous.  Taking out the radical leadership, all while winning over the hearts and minds of the good people who want peace, will and should prevail.

As we all know, this mission comes at a price.  Our struggling economy and our ever increasing national debt is affecting this effort. Even Hillary, as Secretary of State, has said we are so indebted to the Chinese and other nations, it is interfering with our government's national security and affecting the tools we use to negotiate with other nations. We are at the mercy of those we are indebted to. This is not a good position to be in!  All the more reason that we need to get our debt under control, before it controls us!  The clock is ticking.  Tough choices and sacrifices will have to be made.  Are you ready?

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