Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Are the Dems anti-family?

Why do some accuse the liberal/progressive wing of the Democratic Party as being anti-family?

Three quick things come to mind....their usual stances on abortion, welfare and traditional marriage.

Simply put, current abortion law allows a mother to choose to deny her own unborn child the right to his/her own life.  Ironicly, why is it that if a pregnant woman is the victim of a murderous crime where she loses the unborn child, the perpetrator can be charged with a felony?  I guess it all depends on the value we put on that life.  It depends on the circumstances.  But should it be that way?     

As far as government welfare, many believe it gives men the opportunity, and an excuse to abandon their responsibilities of fatherhood.  Why should they take responsibility if the taxpayers are providing for their children?  It obviously helps the mothers who choose to have their babies, but knowing this government help is provided gives the fathers an easy out and destroys the family unit that each child deserves. 

The link below is an interesting article that will go into the reasons why the homosexual agenda is trying to chip away at the core of civilized society as we've known it for thousands of years, the basic foundation and understanding of what the family unit is supposed to be. 

How have we become duped into believing all of the above is okay?  They will come up with all their usual rationalizations, but down deep we all must know it's taking it's toll on society and the human condition.  They say they're the forward looking progressives and the old ways are ancient history, but many times new ways of thinking on morality aren't always right.  Oh, they'll try to convice you they're right, and then they'll even accuse you of being intolerant and uncompassionate if you don't agree with them.  Don't be intimidated into not speaking out for what you believe is right.       


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