Saturday, September 1, 2012

Our secret decoder rings

I guess my fellow conservatives and I are going to have to get out our "secret decoder rings" in order to decifer what the liberal/progressive Democrats claim we're talking about.  They're the ones saying we're talking in "code".  It's truly amazing how they interpret what we say.  As the saying goes....Perception Is Everything.  It doesn't mean their attacks on us necessarily have to be true, it's just that their claims have to stick.  It's getting really pathetic.  At least they're not saying we're felons or are the cause of some poor woman's cancer death! 

So the word police is out and about, doing their investigative work on all those dreadful code words the Tea Party, Christian, fiscal and social conservatives allegedly use.  So it's not enough that we've been accused of being intolerant, racist, homophobic bigots who have a war on women.  We're now in the pretend world of Star Trek type science-fiction who speak in coded language to get our points across.  No wonder we have a failure to communicate!

I believe it goes to show that if they don't have a good defense or comeback on the topic being discussed, then the Rules For Radicals kicks in, and that is to attack your rival with some ignorant accusation and hope it sticks.  But I think (and hope) people listening to these debates are able to see right through this.  Liberals like to claim that they are the tolerant ones, yet their tolerance does not seem to apply to the people who disagree with them!  So much for free speech in America.  But I think they should be put on notice that these tactics are not working for them. 


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