Monday, September 26, 2011

Deja Vu?

"Pass this bill" is what we've heard over and over again in the President's speeches regarding his "American Jobs Act".  In my opinion, that's about as believable at the "Affordable Care Act" (Obamacare).  The deja vu part is that the progressive Democrats want these bills passed before we even know all of what's in them, just as Nancy Pelosi stated with the healthcare bill.  Put a great (but vague) spin on the bill, all while duping the American public as to it's true nature.  Haven't we fallen for this before? 

So the Pres. is taking himself via Air Force One to one state after another spreading this message in the hopes that by "taking it to the people" they will put pressure on their representatives in Congress to "pass this bill".  I say, save the taxpayers some money and quit flying all over the country with your phony speeches, and campaigning, and going to fundraisers on our dime. 

He's banking on the fact that the poll numbers for Congress are worse than his.  But there's a reason why there's gridlock in the Congress.  Some may view this as a negative thing, but many...if not the majority now, are glad there's some gridlock.  Someone has to put the brakes on these "Dems gone wild"!  The last election in 2010 sent many sensible people to Congress to stop many of these deceptive bills that have been "rammed down our throats".  Yet, Democrat Maxine Waters has been quoted as saying she wants these people to "Go to hell".  Ain't that nice?!  I guess she didn't get the President's civility memo! 

Little by little we're finding out what's in the healthcare bill and it's not all they said it would be.  It was repeated often that "You will not have to change your doctor", yet many physicians are finding out they're one of the ones who will be getting stiffed.  Is it possible that these doctors may start refusing to take patients with govt. insurance if they will be expected to increasingly discount their service fees?  That's only one small part of the numerous things I could say about this disingenuous, misleading and deceptive bill. 
So don't believe the wolves in sheep's clothing and their spin on how great their vision for America will be.  It's nothing but a big government power grab.  Having the government pick winners and losers, such as in business and banking, instead of the free market determining who should survive in this economy, is wrong.  Need I say Solyndra?! 

This Jobs Act will be nothing more than another wasteful Stimulus #2.  Weren't many of the roads and bridges supposed to be fixed with the first stimulus?  What happened to that?  Here's a good one I heard about more borrowing for government stimulus was an e-mail that was sent to one of the cable TV news pundits that said (I'm paraphrasing)  "It would be like asking your boss for a raise after you blew your paycheck at the bar."  Or how about a college student who's maxed out their credit card and then wants to borrow more money from their parents....not to pay the card off, but to spend even more.  You're never goning to get ahead that way, but they think we can tax and spend ourselves into prosperity.  Sadly, history has shown it doesn't work that way. 

Face the facts folks.  The truth is we need to get ready for some painful cuts, not receive more goodies.  This would be the responsible thing to do....and most of us know it.

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