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Old Love Letters - Chap. 6

(The one thing I was hoping for was that one of these letters would have a photo of "Tom" in it.  This letter I'm posting next did include several photos of the different aircraft on the base he was serving.  He is in some of the planes, but the pictures were taken from so far away that you can barely see him.)

July 24, 1945

Dearest Marge,

I'm so tired tonight I could sleep forever.  Just had a seventeen hour mission and ran into a little trouble, so had to work like fury for the last four hours, and we just did make it back.  Being a little bit new on this type of ship, I had to learn the hard way, but I sure learned plenty today.  As soon as I finish this I'm going to sleep for twenty-four hours without stopping.
I'm sure glad you got your wings and like them, and hope you wear them always.  I'm in the process of making you a bracelet in my spare time, and I hope you like it as well.  Of course it won't be very nice, but I like to make things like that, and even if you don't wear it, you can keep it for a souvenir.
I went downtown and had my picture taken last Sunday, so if it is good I will send you one, if you want it.  And I have all of my ribbons on too.  I've been awarded another cluster to my O.F.C. so that makes the third one for it.  But I wish they would give me something with a little more money with it.  Boy, I'm always broke.  Not that there is anything to spend it on here, or any place to go down here.  This is the dullest place you ever saw.  Just our movie house shows all second run movies at that.  I went to the N.C.O. club house on the base Saturday night and had a few beers and they had a fair floor show, so had a pretty good time.  I sure wish you could have been here with me.  I know we could have had fun.
But I still say that flying isn't glamorous, because if you had been with me on this last trip, and could have seen the way the crew had to work, you would change your mind.  Of course when we are up there with nothing to do but watch the clouds go by like lovely ladies in trailing white veils, and see the stars shining like your eyes do when you see something pretty, and the earth is a dark green, spotted with lakes like diamonds on a cloth, and the song of the engines give you a sense of security and power.  You feel that there is nothing but your own little world and no trouble anywhere.  It's times like that, that I think of you and I feel that I want nothing more.  Sometime I'm going to take you up on a moonlit night and see if you can understand something of how I feel about you.  For I love you more than I love to fly, and up till now I've loved flying more than anything else in the world.  When I watch the stars up there I seem to think that you are watching me, and it gives me the feeling that nothing is impossible.
I've taken some pictures of a few of the different ships here on the field and am sending you a copy so you will know what they are like, and I hope you like them.  I am in some of them but you can't tell who it is for sure, but you may remember what I look like.  Do you?  Say, do you ever get the chance to get Kodak film?  If you can find some size 620, I will send you lots of pictures, for I always have my camera with me, and like to take pictures of places and things. I have an album full I would like to show you some day, and all of these are of places I've been, both here and overseas.  I wish you would send me your picture, even if it's just a snapshot.  Will you?
Well Darling, I must hit the sack, so I hope you write soon.  And as always,

I Love You,

July 28, 1945

Dearest Marge,

Things have settled into a nice routine now so I'm beginning to have a little more leisure time, and am catching up on lost sleep.  But it's so hot that you're never comfortable, and I can never quite get used to it.  Maybe I will some day.
Yes, Donnie is doing fine and hopes to be at home in another month.  It's wonderful what being near home does for him.  Mother says he is gaining weight and looks very good.  I'm very glad you've heard from your brother, although he is in a rather rough place. 
As for sending him candy and things like that, if you can buy it in sealed jars or cans to send very well packed, it will be fine, but soft candies like chocolate bars will spoil very easy, and the ants will get into it very quick.  But if you wrap the bars in a waxed paper and put in sealed tins, it will get to him in very good shape.  You say you have cans with tight tops, so wrap your candy very good and seal your lids with scotch tape, and I'm pretty sure it will be all right, especially if it is moisture proof.  The biggest trouble there is the moisture and dampness that penetrates everything and causes mold, so the best I can tell you is try to pack it so it will stay dry and not melt and run together, and then it is just a chance at the best.  But I know he will appreciate all the candy and gum and nuts that he can get.  And don't forget razor blades, shaving cream and after shave lotions or face powder.  And don't forget a kiss or two, just to let him know that you always think of him.
I like the way you've answered the question I asked you, and if it is possible I will go to Chicago as soon as it is possible, and I hope you will let me meet your people and get better acquainted with you, and show you that I am sincere, and that I know in my heart that I love you.  I know that it came to me so quick that I didn't think it could possibly be true, but now I'm sure that it is, and all I can ask is that you will give me the chance to see you and prove to you that I am sincere and love you with all my heart.
I'm supposed to get a furlough in November, so if I can't see you before then, I will see you at that time.  Although I'm hoping we get to make a trip up there soon and see you.
I hope I can get Bill to arrange a cross country flight and drop me off in Chicago for a few days and let me see you.  And I do hope you get some good pictures so that you can send me one.  I will have one for you in a week or so and I hope you like it.  I've already sent you a few snaps of the planes on the line, although there is none of me that you can really see.
Well it's time to eat and go to work, so will write more later.

Adios Muchacha Mio

Love, Tom

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