Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Ponderings On Human Sexuality

Don't be shocked! Nothing nowadays should shock us, right? This is nothing more perverse than much of what you see on TV or in the movies. So why not have some serious reflections on the subject? This is my observation on how human sexuality has been perceived in the past, and how our current culture now seems to perceive it.

What is considered legal?  Human sexual relations between two consenting adults.

What is considered moral?  Sexual relations, preferably between two adults who are in a loving and committed relationship.

What is considered illegal? Forced sexual relations, such as in the cases of rape, incest, sodomy.

What is considered immoral? Any unnatural sexual relations that deviate from the norm, regardless of whether it's done under force or consent.

Ever wonder what the full defintion of sodomy is? See below....

Definition of sodomy from

n. Any various forms of sexual intercourse held to be unnatural or abnormal. Sexual intercourse that is not the union of the genital organs of a man and a woman. The term is most frequently applied to anal intercourse between two men, or to sexual relations between people and animals.

Note: According to the Bible, God destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah for unacceptable sexual practices, apparently including oral or anal intercourse between men. Sodomy takes its name from the city of Sodom. From the supposed homosexual practices of the men of the city in Sodom: the crime of oral or anal sexual contact or penetration between persons, or of sexual intercourse between a person and an animal.

Many governments have laws against sodomy. These laws are difficult to enforce, however, because many people now believe they violate personal privacy. Homosexual sex has slowly over the years, become more culturally acceptable. I just wonder how something like sodomy, which is still considered illegal, and was named for the city that was destroyed by God for their people's sexual perversions, has now become acceptable, as long as it is not forced upon someone. In other words, heterosexual sex is okay - rape is not. Homosexual sex is okay - sodomy is not. The difference is, if the use of force applies, this is  where it becomes illegal. But in the moral realm, it is my understanding that sodomy is not acceptable in God's eyes under any circumstance. It doesn't appear to matter to Him whether it's done with consenting adults or not.  It's a sinful act either way. Thus, the reason why many people of faith have a difficult time accepting homosexual behavior.

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